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Groupe Maisons de Famille was founded in 2003, based on a simple idea: to build comfortable, welcoming living environments offering high-quality, personalized care for the elderly. Backed for many years by our family shareholders, we are now one of Europe’s leading providers of residential care for the elderly, with +150 homes and +10,000 employees.

Our ambition for the next decade is to strengthen our geographical presence, while diversifying our activities. To achieve this, we rely on our humanist values and our emphasis on quality and development, which are at the core of our DNA. This enables us to look forward with confidence to the major demographic and environmental transitions that the world will face in the coming decades.

Key figures

for Groupe Maisons de Famille


residents and patients




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to work for the Group

Over 20 years

of entrepreneurial adventure


Creation of Groupe Maisons de Famille, Creadev acquires a stake in the company to provide long-term support for the development of the Group’s activities. 


Acquisition of 51% of the La Villa SpA in Italy with +900 beds.

2013 to 2017

In 2013, Adavir (Spain) joins the Group with +2,500 beds. In 2016, Amma joins the Group with +5,428 beds. In 2017, Adavir and Amma merge to become Amavir.


With the acquisition of DOREAFAMILIE in Germany, the Group now operates 16,000 beds in Europe.


Groupe Maisons de Famille celebrates its 20th anniversary.



Our core business is caring for the elderly in nursing homes. Alongside the development of this long-standing business, we aim to diversify our offering to reinforce our position as a key player in the overall Silver Economy.

A presence

in 4 European countries

We rely on our local brands, which are major players in each country.


  • 43 homes
  • 4,471 beds
  • 3,776 employees

La Villa

  • 46 homes
  • 3,592 beds
  • +2,000 employees

Maisons de Famille

  • 18 homes
  • 1,407 beds
  • 1,160 employees


  • 43 homes
  • 6,813 beds
  • +4,000 employees


The objectives are clear: to achieve balanced financial and non-financial performance, sustained growth in our geographies and beyond, including through innovative business models, and unshakeable mutual trust with our stakeholders. To achieve this, we rely on the following three pillars:


The heritage and entrepreneurial DNA of the Group and its subsidiaries, coupled with innovative business and operating models, are foundational to realize our long-term vision.


Quality of life and service is at the heart of our business model, in order to achieve balanced, sustainable financial and non-financial performance.


The unwavering commitment from all our stakeholders to remain the irreproachable company we have always been since our creation.


for 2030

In line with our commitments and our sustainability roadmap, our compass is based on the convergence of three areas of development.

Our publications

july 2023

Extra-financial report 2022

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august 2023

Executive Summary 2023

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