Accountability, transparency, risk management


To encourage people to be proactive, we believe in a culture of accountability at all levels of the organization. We believe that transparency fosters trust and creates an environment of open and honest communication. We believe that risk management is the key to sustainable performance. The Board of Directors upholds these convictions at Group and country level.


A long-term commitment

from our shareholders

Groupe Maisons de Famille is owned by Creadev, the Evergreen investment company of the family-owned AFM (Association Famille Mulliez). A unique model fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship and a DNA combining action with long-term thinking.



The Group was built on the conquering mindset of its founders, in every country. The spirit of initiative and innovation is at the heart of our corporate culture. This is one of our expectations towards our managers and all our employees.



The real leaders are our retirement home directors. Efficiency stems from decisions taken at the right level, as close to the residents as possible. The right balance between autonomy and control enables us to do this with complete peace of mind.

Local corporate

culture preserved

We capitalize on the solid reputation of our subsidiaries in every country where we operate. Preserving these local corporate cultures has made it easier for our teams to embrace our project.

A team, a project,

a Board

Our success is based on these three pillars: a team and an owner, a corporate project and a Board of Directors that fulfills an essential mission of support, with benevolence and the highest standards of expectations.



We consult our internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis, to ensure that we fully understand their expectations. To achieve this, we rely in particular on satisfaction surveys, questionnaires to build risk and opportunity materiality analysis, as well as a constant dialogue with employee representative bodies and in-house consultative bodies.


The Group’s Board of Directors validates the company’s strategic orientations and oversees their implementation, for example: appointing and supporting managers, allocating resources within the framework of the corporate vision and mission, ensuring the proper management of its assets, particularly real estate, and making sure that the company controls thoroughly its risks. Each subsidiary has its own Board of Directors, and enjoys genuine autonomy in adapting to the market in which it operates.

Board members

in 2024

As of January 31, 2024, the Board of Directors is made of five directors and three censors.

Pierre Büchsenschütz

Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2024

Expertise in strategy, governance and management

Vianney Poissonnier

Director since 2020

Expertise in governance, sustainability and affectio

Yohann Gbahoué

Director since 2019

Expertise in innovation, finance and healthcare

Philippe Denormandie

Director since 2023

Expertise in healthcare, quality and management

Jérôme Nouzarède

Director since 2023

Expertise in corporate strategy, healthcare and innovation

Véronique Staat

Director since 2023

Expertise in audit & finance, human resources and risk & compliance

Hiba Farès

Director since 2023

Expertise in services & customer experience, marketing and international development



The Board of Directors is supported by Technical Committees:

Key figures

of the Board


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