Well-being at work

A priority for us

We place the well-being of our employees at the heart of our concerns. Aware that the quality of our service relies on the commitment and satisfaction of our teams, we deploy a proactive and comprehensive well-being policy in the workplace. Our initiatives aim to foster a healthy, stimulating and respectful working environment. We promote personal and professional development, work-life balance and the right fit between our teams. We strive to create a corporate culture in which recognition, support and conviviality are essential values.


of life at work

In our homes, caring for people is just as important as caring for them.

This is why we offer safer, less arduous working conditions, by installing adapted equipment in our facilities: for example, fall detectors or patient rails to relieve our teams.

We also systematically involve our teams in local improvement plans to better meet the needs of each employee: adapting working hours, organizing teams, specialization, etc.

This is why we involve our employees in the life of our homes, in a spirit of mutual enrichment, based on 4 fundamental pillars.


A management team available to help and develop employees’ skills.


Equipment and processes adapted to the needs of the elderly.

Staffing levels

Right-sized teams to meet our quality requirements

Team stability

Stable, full-time teams.



Discover the stories of our employees, who are the beating heart of our Group. These authentic, personal testimonials will give you a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of our teams, the spirit of camaraderie that reigns in our facilities, and the passion that drives them in their mission to bring care and comfort to our residents.

Our company is much more than a company, it’s a real family. We work together for the well-being of the most vulnerable people and we always try together to build a better future. Here, I feel valued as a person and as a worker, and I feel part of a project that ennobles communities.
Paolo, Nurse

What I appreciate most is the positive working atmosphere and the knowledge that our work, whatever your role within DOREAFAMILIE, serves an important social purpose.
Kirsten, Human Resources Director

Working in a nursing home is a vocation that enables me to create unique bonds with the residents and contribute to their well-being and my own on a daily basis.
Brice, Physiotherapist

I’m happy to work in an environment that fosters professional development and the well-being of residents.
Mercedes, Cook


for well-being

Within the Group, we value innovation in the service of well-being in the workplace. We firmly believe that technological progress and changes in working methods can and must work together to improve conditions for our employees. Whether through time management tools to promote work-life balance, digital collaborative spaces to facilitate communication, or innovative training to develop skills and fulfillment, our company constantly seeks to integrate the latest technological advances to maximize the well-being of our teams. For us, it is essential that those who care for our residents themselves benefit from a harmonious, stimulating and respectful working environment.