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Decentralization and autonomy are the founding principles of our organization. From the very beginning, we have encouraged decision-making to be as close to the field as possible, with a core focus on the people. Decentralization and the principle of subsidiarity enable each Group subsidiary to respond to local specificities by offering high-quality, personalized care under their own brand name.

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All our subsidiaries have retirement homes and day care as their core business. They are expanding their offer to include senior residences, outpatient services, follow-up care and psychiatric care. This diversification of activities meets the needs of the elderly in every country.

Founded in France in 2003, “Maisons de Famille” reflects what the company wants to offer to its residents: warm, welcoming living spaces imbued with family spirit. Every day, the teams combine know-how and expertise to offer personalized, high-quality care that respects residents’ choices, in order to maintain their autonomy and quality of life. A special focus is given to family and friends.

Founded in Italy in 1992, La Villa is passionately committed to the social and healthcare fields, with the aim of providing services for the elderly and adults with disabilities. It also offers support to people suffering from cognitive or psychiatric disorders. In our homes, the well-being and comfort of residents are at the heart of everything we do. In May 2021, La Villa acquired the Edos brand.

Founded in 1996 in Spain, Adavir merged with Amma in 2017 to create Amavir, a player recognized for its expertise and quality of service in residences and day centers for the elderly. Amavir’s approach is based on the coexistence unit model, encouraging residents to actively participate in their daily lives in a family atmosphere.

Founded in 2015 in Germany, DOREAFAMILIE owns nursing homes, assisted living residences and outpatient care services. The company operates on the basis of values centered on family, joy and strength. Its teams focus on high-quality, individualized and integrated care, as well as the creation of a positive environment for residents.

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