Business ethics

A shared, embodied commitment

We are collectively committed to follow a thorough approach to quality and exemplarity, based on respect for people, regulations and ethical standards of the highest levels. This approach is embodied in the deployment and management of two compliance systems: the duty of vigilance, and the prevention and detection of corruption and bribery.


Our global compliance approach is based on three pillars: our code of conduct, a compliance plan and a whistle-blowing procedure.

Anti-Bribery Policy


Our Anti-Bribery Policy is frequently updated and acts as the cornerstone of our compliance culture. It contains a set of rules and principles relating to business ethics (anti-corruption, personal data protection, etc.) that our Group promotes on a daily basis in the conduct of its business and in its relations with its stakeholders.

Duty of Vigilance Plan


The Vigilance Plan oversees the many actions undertaken by the Group and its subsidiaries.

This enables us to anticipate potential serious violations of human rights, fundamental freedoms, personal health and safety, and the environment that its activities could entail.

Whistleblowing system


Being able to quickly identify breaches of our ethical rules and regulations is essential to preserving and ensuring the continuity of our quality and exemplary approach. With this in mind, we have set up a reporting tool for whistleblowing, in order to enable anyone to report such breaches, so that we can deal with them as quickly and appropriately as possible.