Commitment to quality

Quality is our vocation

The satisfaction of our residents and their families, who place their trust in the Group’s teams to care for their loved ones, is our top priority. We strive every day to provide the best possible care for residents, so that they can continue to live as actively and independently as possible. We do so by providing a care that is always person-centred, respectful of their dignity and individuality, and tailored to each of their medical needs.



Quality first! This is our compass, the common thread that guides us every day. We welcome the frail elderly into a warm environment and offer them personalized service. A vocation based on humanist values.


We are committed to respecting each person’s individuality and life story.


We act responsibly every day.


We give our best, every day, with enthusiasm and positivity.


We pay attention to every detail to meet every expectation.

A personalized


We establish a relationship of mutual trust with residents’ families, recognizing the importance of their role in the well-being and care of their loved ones.

We understand that entrusting a loved one to our care is a sensitive and significant decision for families. That’s why we actively work to establish open and transparent communication with them from the outset. When we welcome families, we always listen carefully and take into account their concerns, expectations and suggestions.


Personalized care plan. Innovation for safety.


Choice of group or solo activities, according to individual aspirations.

Food & Accommodation

A rich and varied cuisine adapted to the needs and tastes of our seniors.

Individual and shared living spaces to enhance their independence.


Every comment or complaint is received and treated with the utmost attention.



Our job is a deeply human one, involving contact with people who may be vulnerable. Their well-being remains our priority: it relies on our ability to seek continuous improvement, whatever their degree of dependence. When we aim for excellence, every complaint helps us to progress, and its handling deepens the bond that unites us. There’s no secret about it: the more complaints and opinions we receive, the more progress we make together.


with families

Welcoming a resident implies a privileged relationship with his or her family and loved ones, who are entrusting us with a loved one. In our homes, everyone has a say: residents, their families and employees are invited to make suggestions to help us improve our services. We have set up social life councils that involve family representatives in the life of the establishment. Fluid communication, a source of mutual trust.


for our residents

Innovation is at the heart of our approach to constantly improving the quality of the services we offer residents. As such, we regularly explore and adopt innovative technologies and methods to improve our services, from the design of our spaces to the adoption of new therapeutic approaches. We are committed to using innovation not only to enhance the effectiveness of care, but also to improve residents’ daily lives. Here are a few concrete examples of how we are making a difference through innovation.